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Our ASI Education Program is designed with the specific lactation education eligibility criteria required to take the Certified Lactation Consultants ® exam (IBCLC), certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the breastfeeding infant in relation to human lactation.

The curriculum is designed using evidence-based best practices. This education is essential for any individual or health professional working with new families and their newborns, or as part of the initial process to become a Lactation Specialist. All content is based on current scientific research, enabling participants to provide accurate, up-to-date, and consistent information on human lactation from birth through the weaning process.

Beneficios de Ser Especialista en Lactancia

This panel was recorded live on Facebook, featuring different breastfeeding or chestfeeding specialists with IYCFS and CLAAS certifications discussing how having this preparation is useful in their work and community goals. With Beatriz Negrón, Denisse Lizardi, Luisa Pérez, Meredeth Pérez, Tania Silva, and Yamilliés Rivera.

Comunicación: Introducción al Arte de la Comunicación y Relaciones Humanas

One of the most important aspects of our service as a specialist in human lactation and safe infant feeding is helping someone else breastfeed or chestfeeding, and for this, a lactation specialist must possess certain communication skills to ensure their assistance is effective.

How to Become a Certified Lactation Specialist

Certified lactation specialists educate and support breastfeeding families during pregnancy, the initiation of breastfeeding or chestfeeding, the normal course of breastfeeding or chestfeeding, and through weaning. ASI provides you with the training and support you need to complete one or both of our online certifications at your own pace.

Doulas y Alimentación Infantil: Antes y Ahora (Conversatorio 2023)

Doulas y Alimentacion infantil.png

In celebration of the 2023 World Doula Week, we present this 1.5-hour breastfeeding course. With Isarielys Delgado, Jacqui Escandarani, Lizbeth Palacios, Lourdes Santaballa, Madeline Viera, Valeria Santa, Yaheli Concepción, and Yamellies Rivera. This panel discussion explores the theme of the Week in 2023, before and now, within a community and intersectional context in a roundtable format.

Especialista en Lactancia Avanzada y Alimentación Infantil Segura CLAAS y IYCFS

The Advanced Lactation and Safe Infant Feeding Specialists CLAAS and IYCFS have advanced skills to provide basic breastfeeding counseling and clinical management; that is, it is addressing breastfeeding situations in healthy, full-term infants; conducting an evaluation of the nursing person and infant (anatomical evaluation, and latch and positioning), both in the hospital and in the community.

Safe Infant Feeding Specialist (IYCFS)

The Safe Infant Feeding Specialists have the basic skills to provide breastfeeding counseling; that is, it is addressing breastfeeding situations in healthy, full-term infants; conducting an evaluation of the nursing person and infant (anatomical evaluation, and latch and positioning); while also providing support to families, both in the hospital and in the community.

Prenatal and Postnatal: Lactation Classes

Choosing how to feed your baby is one of the most important decisions caregivers make. The decision on how to feed the baby will be based on lifestyle, comfort level, and specific health situations. The decision to breastfeed or chestfed or formula-feed is personal. Evaluating the pros and cons of each method of infant feeding helps decide what is best for your baby.

Prenatal y Posnatal: Clases de Parto

Almost everyone, especially pregnant individuals, worries about the pain of childbirth. And while it is possible to have a relatively painless birth, it's a good idea to prepare with different techniques and strategies for that big day.

Prenatal: Clases de Parto y Lactancia

Prenatal Clases de Parto y Lactancia.jpg

Pregnant individuals and their partners often have many questions and even some concerns: How will I know I'm in labor? Will it hurt? Will my baby know how to breastfeed? How do I care for a newborn? Classes to prepare for childbirth, breastfeeding or chestfeeding, baby care, and parenting are excellent ways to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

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