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Expiration Date on Infant Formula


Infant formula and other baby consumables usually have a 'Use by' date, and it's important to use the product before this date to reduce any risk of pathogen development that could harm the baby. It's also important to know that many powdered baby formulas have a one-month period for use once the can is opened (always check the label). During that month, the use date should not be reached. In other words, if the formula has a use date of April 2021, opening the can on March 25 is not a good idea.


Additionally, once the can is opened, the food deteriorates faster due to exposure to air and bacteria in the environment.


Lastly, we remind you that powdered infant formula is not sterile, and that's why the World Health Organization recommends preparing it with freshly boiled water to reduce any risk of contamination.


As a guide:

  • Use by Date: This label is provided to consumers as a guide for the date by which the product should be consumed to ensure its optimal quality. It does not necessarily imply that the product is unsafe for consumption after this date. However, the product's quality is likely to be affected, and it may deteriorate more rapidly after this point.

  • Sell by Date: This label is for retailers and indicates the deadline for selling or removing the product from sale. It does not imply that the product is unsafe for consumption after this date. Generally, about one-third of the product's shelf life remains after the expiration date for consumers to use at home.

  • Best by Date: This is a consumer recommendation for the ideal date to consume the product and ensure its maximum quality.



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