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We are Alimentación Segura Infantil

About us

We are a non-profit organization that works for the safe feeding of infants and young children. We also aim to train community leaders as specialists in breastfeeding and safe infant feeding.

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Our organization relies on donations to continue reaching families. We appreciate any contribution you can offer.


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The path I took was motivated by the experiences of my mother and sister, who had natural births and breastfed their children. However, when I had my daughter, I opted for a vaginal birth but did not enjoy breastfeeding. Later, I had my son at home and breastfed him too.

In my search for a community, I found people I liked, but I was also horrified by the elitism in this field. I studied Sociology and Psychology at William & Mary in Virginia, USA, and worked in the areas of domestic violence and affordable housing.

I breastfed my daughter until she was eight years old, six of those years in tandem with my youngest son, whom I weaned the same day. I consider myself an activist and I am also passionate about research and science. My focus is popular education to empower others and spread knowledge in their communities.

Along my journey, I became a peer counselor for an organization (which I prefer not to mention), postpartum doula, birth doula (Caribbean Doula and World Doula Network), "maternal" educator (Escuela Dar a Luz) and finally , IBCLC. I was the first IBCLC in the sePARE program.

Additionally, I survived hurricanes and earthquakes, co-founded ASI, was diagnosed and successfully treated for BPD, and faced the COVID-19 pandemic. I have a podcast and enjoy walking, reading, singing karaoke, dancing, and following maximalist fashionistas and curly-haired influencers. I am also part of a community of gamers.

Although I have influence in the field, my goal is to empower others and not be indispensable. I am interested in topics such as infant feeding in emergencies, the International Code of Human Milk Substitutes and feminism with an intersectional approach. I believe that even if I left the organization, my legacy would persist. I have a love-hate relationship with teenagers.

Lourdes Santaballa
IBCLC,CLAAS, Doula, Executive Director and Founder

Yaheli Concepcion Morales.png

Boricua, lover of the beach and sunsets. Amateur runner. 
Graduated in Marketing from Tec de Monterrey, NL México.
My interest in perinatal care began after the birth of my first child in 2008, thanks to a difficult breastfeeding journey that led me to seek support and that is how and when I crossed my path with Lourdes.
In 2010 I became the first La Leche League leader in Puerto Rico who worked outside the home. With the arrival of a second child in 2011, I reaffirmed the need for support and access for families. She was certified by Doula Caribe and the World Doula Network and was part of the founding team of SePare doulas from 2013 to 2016. Co-founder and director of Safe Infant Feeding. Co-founder of Alumbra Puerto Rico, an organization that provides education and support services for a full, conscious and powerful pregnancy and parenting.
Certified as a doula by DONA International in 2018 and recently as a non-health professional community-based IBCLC.

Yaheli Concepción Morales
IBCLC, CLAAS, Doula, Administrative Director, Co-Director and Co-Founder

Carmen Cabrer.png

International Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and member of the International Association of Lactation Consultants and the United States Breastfeeding Council. She is also an Infant and Toddler Breastfeeding Specialist (IYCFS). Carmen has been helping mothers and babies breastfeed chestfeed since 1994. She writes articles and has published books on breastfeeding chestfeeding and parenting and speaks to parents and professionals about these topics. She stays up to date with the latest research on breastfeeding, infant nutrition and child development, so she can provide the most up-to-date information available.

Carmen Cabrer
IBCLC, CLAAS, Doula and Mentoring Director

edlyn Alvarado.png

Wife and Mother of 3, Community Birth and Grief Doula, Lactivist, Early Education and Early Childhood Specialist. He is from the town of Orocovis and works mainly in mountain towns. Her hobbies are reading, sewing and embroidering. 

Edlyn M Alvarado Santiago
BS, CLAAS, IYCFS, Doula and
Director of CASICAs

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