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Formula Brands


Artificial milk formulas are the same in formulation regardless of the brand, from the most expensive to generic ones. Read the labels!


There are special formulas for certain dietary needs, but beyond that, the brand does not change the quality of the milk. Similarly, unless the infant has a particular medical need, starting with a basic formula is recommended because it is the most economical, and there is no need to immediately use a hypoallergenic or amino acid formula. It is a myth that these formulas are superior for breastfed or chestfed babies because essentially, formula is formula.


Formulas labeled as "supplementing" are regular formula with another label.


There is no need to "clean" the stomach with Pedialyte. This essentially makes your baby go hungry. Also, Pedialyte does not meet the nutritional requirements for a baby.


Remember that powdered formula should always be prepared with freshly boiled water, still hot.


In many cases, donated milk between peers is safer when done under informed conditions and health measures.


When a formula causes serious problems for your baby, it is important to consult with a doctor.



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